Lafert Customized motors

Customized motors are the core business for Lafert Motors

Lafert Motors is the perfect partner when it comes to customized motors up to 200 kW.

Starting from the current application Lafert Motors produces electrically and mechanically adapted motors designed to meet the specific OEM requests.

The production is based on a flexible product program with many options to meet the demands of the international market.

Lafert’s customized solutions are based on the following basic modules

  • Three-phase motors
  • Single-phase motors
  • Brake motors
  • Multi-speed motors
  • Specialized motors
  • High Performance / Permanent Magnet motors

For more information about Lafert’s basic modules and customized solutions please require ‘Technical Catalogue Lafert-Customized Motors, Three-phase, Single-phase and Brake Motors’ or go to:

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