Our Partners

Our Partners

Our business is based on competent and professional manufacturing companies who for decades have proven their reliability and high quality as reflected in the products and in the way of cooperation.
Horsepower Scandinavia cooperates with manufacturers who are highly specialized in a specific product segment, and with manufacturers covering a wider product range.
Most of our partners are to find within the EU, giving short and quick transport to the Scandinavian market.
Among our key partners you will find:

Lafert S.p.A. – San Dona di Piave (VE), Italy

Experience, flexibility, respect for tradition and proven innovation is a brief description of Lafert’s background to meet customers and authorities increasing demands, as well as the goal to maintain a leadership position within the segment: customized solutions. Lafert Motors; the mother company in the Lafert Group, defines production activities and business strategies, while an international sales network ensures implementation in the markets.

The company manufacture three-phase and single phase asynchronous motors, brake motors and premium efficiency permanent magnet motors, – all designed for a myriad of customer specific applications in all industrial environments

More information regarding Lafert: : http://www.lafert.com/eng/index.php

AEG Motors
AEG is a well known and highly respected brand for electric motors. AEG motors in IEC 56 to 315 are produced and distributed by Lafert Motors (- see above)More information: http://www.lafert.com/eng/corporate-companies.php

UMEB SC, Bucharest – Romania.

Renowned Romanian company for manufacturing of low- voltage motors and generator sets in European design and quality. For more than 70 years UMEB has maintained a dominant position in the domestic market but in recent years also become a recognized supplier to the rest of the European market, thus approx. 60% of production now is exported to countries like Italy, Germany, France and United Kingdom. Scandinavia is a new market area for UMEB.
UMEB offers a full range of standard and special motors IEC 56-355 in cast iron, but the company’s core business is ATEX EX motors which are offered in group I (EEXDI) and group II (EEXn, EExd and EExd (e) IICT4 and IECex
Exd motors are available in IE1,  IE2 and IE3
The EX-motors are certified by PTB Germany and Insemex Petrosani, in accordance with ATEX directive 94/9/CE.

More information: http://www.explosionproofmotors-umeb.com

KAISER MOTOREN GmbH, Neumünster – Germany.

German tradition, many years of experience, innovation and market adaptation has developed this Company to a unique manufacturing facility for special motors adapted to application and customer requirements. To put it simple; Kaiser provide what the standard does not offer.
Clear organizational structure, highly skilled staff and great flexibility makes it possible to meet customer requirements at short notice.
Manufacturing is concentrated on special motors for such purposes as textile machinery, food and pharmaceutical industries, thus high-speed motors (up to 30,000 rpm) and stainless steel motors are within the focus areas.

More information: http://www.kaiser-motoren.de/en/index.htm

Lloyd Dynamowerke GmbH , Bremen – Germany.

The company develop, design and manufactures electric machines (motors) and drive systems for industrial and marine applications.
All machines are designed and manufactured specifically for applications with special demanding requirements. Historically the LDW has been a part of the former AEG group, and based on more than 90 years of experience and product development the company focus on manufacturing:

  • Asynchronous machines from 225 to 25000 kW
  • Compact asynchronous motors from 50 to 2000 kW
  • Synchronous machines from 4000 to 55000 kVA
  • DC machines from 50 to 8000 kW
  • Drives

Furthermore LDW repair old machines or rebuild them. Also service and maintenance is an important part of the businessMore information: http://www.ldw.de/home.html

ELECTRO ADDA S.p.A – Beverate di Brivio (Milan), Italy

Electro Adda has been producing solely electric motors for every kind of industrial sector and special demanding applications for over 70 years. In the field of electric motors Electro Adda means “made in Italy”. It has recently given impetus to new development programs to win the newest and most competitive international challenges.

Core business of Electro Adda is special application motors mainly In IEC frame 180 – 560

More information: http://www.electroadda.com