DC machines

DC machines: Time-tested and user-friendlyDC machines show their strengths in numerous fields of application. Due to their high power density they are particularly compact and with their state-of-the-art equipment they fulfill every requirement in the areas of machine building and plant construction. DC machines supplied with power converters stand out due to their excellent control characteristics and a simple closed-loop control structure. Additional advantages of DC machines are the high starting torque from standstill and the excellent smooth running characteristics down to the lowest speed. Also worth mentioning is the low noise level. Increased stress on the insulation as result of voltage peaks does not occur.
DC machines have a high level of electromagnetic compatibility. In the majority of cases, no additional measures are needed to reduce interference emission or to increase resistance to interference.

Performance characteristics:

  • Shaft heights: 112 to 1,000 mm in angular design, larger sizes in round design
  • Range of output: 10 to approx. 8,000 kW
  • Range of Torque: 20 to approx. 900,000 Nm


All prevalent protection and cooling systems, in horizontal and vertical designs