Integral Motors

Through collaboration with German  manufacturer  HorsePower Scandinavia can offer integral motors in IEC frames 80 to 132,- power output  from 0.55 to 7.5 kW.
Integral motor is ideal both for new constructions as by updating existing production facilities where it´s also useful to change from fixed speed  to a solution with variable speed control, such as ventilation and pump applications.

Our Integral motor is based on quality AC motor (IEC standard measures) mounted with modern and environment resistant frequency converter in a compact design.

The power range from 0.55 to 7.5 kW are covered by 3 different basic converter units:

Motor power at 0.55 to 1.5 kW:               Inverter size “1.5”            LxWxH / mm: 234/153/122
Motor power at 2.2 to   4.0 kW:               Inverter size “4.0”            LxWxH / mm: 240/174/135
Motor power at 5.5 to   1.5 kW:               Inverter size “7.5”            LxWxH / mm: 290/223/180

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