Single-phase motors

In cooperation with Lafert Motors we can offer a wide range of single phase motors; standard-  and special executions to specific demands.
A specific electrical design grant low noise and low vibration level. Capacitors and starting device is fully integrated in the motor design
The single phase range from Lafert Motors includes: AMM series: permanent capacitor design. Ideal for low inertia applications and the fan industry.AMME series: cap start – cap run for high starting torque with electronic starting device. This range meets high starting torque requirements such as mixing machines and other machineries.AMD series: dual Voltage design (115/230 V).Motors are available with following poles and power output:

Frame size: 56 – 100
Output: 0.09 to 2.2 kW
Polarity: Single 2, 4,  & 6 poles
Options: cURus certification
CSA certification


-and furthermore a wide range of mechanical options.
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