Brake motors

In cooperation with Lafert Motors we can offer a wide range of brake motors; standard- and special executions to specific demands.
Different options available with AC or DC brake coil to fit any applications.
AMBY series: high torque DC brake.
Main applications: automation with smooth intervention, elevation/cranes, packaging machinery.
AMBZ series: high torque AC brake
Main applications: automation with high intervention frequency, gear motors, lifting- and handling.
AMS series: low torque DC brake – reduced overall dimensions
Main applications: wherever a very soft and gradual braking is required, cutting machinery for food industry, wood working machineries.
Motors are available with following poles and power output:

Frame size: 63 – 160
Output: 0.12 to 22 kW
Polarity: Single 2, 4, 6, 8 poles
Rectifier standard supply 230V – 50/60Hz
(other on request)
Options: cURus certification

Motors can be supplied according to IE1 and IE2 efficiency values, according to IEC 60034-30:2008. Efficiency testing method: IEC 60034-2-1;2007 and furthermore a wide range of mechanical options.

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